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Who's the Scientist ?

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  1. Co-discoverer of calculus. This scientist never married and was especially absent-minded. .

    a. Albert Einstein
    b. Leibniz
    c. Isaac Newton
    d. Galilei Galileo

  2. When thin gold foil stopped a few alpha articles, he said it was like seeing toilet paper stop bullets. He also wrote, " I hope no one discovers how to release the intrinsic energy of radium until man has learned to live at peace with his neighbour." .

    a. Ernest Rutherford
    b. J.J. Thomson
    c. Neils Bohr
    d. Linus Pauling
    e. Democritus

  3. Newton's first law was first conceived by this Italian..

    a. Avogadro
    b. Galileo
    c. Tartaglia
    d. Malpighi
    e. Cardano

  4. The first to propose that the Earth was not at the center of the universe..

    a. Aristarchos of Samos
    b. Copernicus
    c. Ptolemy
    d. Newton
    e. Kepler

  5. He offered an explanantion as to why hydrogen's spectrum is discontinuous..

    a. Bohr
    b. Chadwick
    c. Oppenheimer
    d. Rutherford
    e. Heisenberg

  6. This vitamin guru had, in earlier years, found a connection between defective hemoglobin and sickle-cell anemia..

    a. Timothy Leary
    b. Francis Crick
    c. Melvin Calvin
    d. James Watson
    e. Linus Pauling

  7. As a result of his ideas we know that it's theoretically possible for a twin to go on a near-light speed journey and come back younger than his clone sibling..

    a. Hawking
    b. Einstein
    c. Maxwell
    d. Heisenberg
    e. Feynman

  8. This developer of quantum electrodynamics was also the one who found that brittle rubber rings were the cause of the Challenger crash..

    a. Heisenberg
    b. Maxwell
    c. Einstein
    d. Feynman
    e. Hawking

  9. This scientist died of leukemia but not before winning Nobel prizes in both Chemistry and physics..

    a. Rutherford
    b. Oppenheimer
    c. Fermi
    d. Curie
    e. Thomson

  10. Because of him we have hhelibebcnofne....in a meaningful chart.

    a. Mendeleev
    b. Lavoisier
    c. Cavendish
    d. Dalton
    e. Kekule

  11. The 100th element was named after him; he worked out the math of neutrino emission.

    a. Fermi
    b. Chadwick
    c. Heisenberg
    d. Pauling
    e. Oppenheimer

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