Solutions to p31

1.         A metal is a substance with loose electrons, making it shiny and malleable and causing it to conduct heat and electricity.

            Examples:         Li and the rest of the alkali metals

                                    Be and the rest of the alkaline earth metals

                                    Sc, Ti, V etc

                                    Al, Ga, In and Tl

2.         A non metal is a substance that holds on to its electrons, causing it to be a poor conductor of heat and electricity.

3.         metalloids

4.         a.         +1

            b.         +2

            c.         +3

            d.         (+) because it is a metal

5.         Yes

6.         non metals

7.         Tests:   conductivity, malleability, acid

check its conductivity (should be lower than most metals but higher than non metals)

            should be shiny but not malleable

            should not react with acid

            If all of  the above are true than you can safely conclude that the substance is a metalloid.

8.         W        1st column; third row (Na)

            X         1st column; first row (H)

            Y         column VII A; third row (Cl)

            Z          column III A (B)

p 51

1.         a.         AlCl3

            b.         BeO

            c.         Na2O  

            d.         LiF

            e.         Mg3N2

            f.          CaF2

            g.         K3N

            h.         KBr

            i.          BeF2

            j.          Ca3P2