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Lab 1.2: The Generation of Oxygen Gas



Purpose:                      The purpose of the lab is to devise a procedure for collecting oxygen gas, to carry out the experiment and verify if oxygen gas was indeed produced.



Chemicals allowed:            MnO2 (enough to cover the bottom of the flask). MnO2 is a catalyst that speeds up the breakdown of H2O2

                                    100.0 mL of H2O2, 3% mass/volume

                                    tap water to place inside the metal tank or large beaker


Materials allowed:            100 ml graduated cylinder

250 ml erlenmeyer flask

                                    18 to 20 inches of rubber tubing

                                    rubber stopper for flask

                                    metal tank to serve as water reservoir


                                    3 large test tubes

                                    wood splint



                                    clamp and stand


Report:            (use loose leaf)      


(1)        Write the procedure in numbered steps, and .....

(2)        ...draw your experimental setup.

(3)        In the data section record all your observations in a table. Also include important measurements such as temperature measured to 1 decimal place and atmospheric pressure. Leave out interpretations.

(4)        In the analysis, use PV = nRT to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen that could have been generated from 100.0 ml of 3 % H2O2 at the measured temperature and pressure.


            The equation is 2 H2O2(l) --> O2(g) + 2 H2O(l) The black powder is not included in the equation because it was a catalyst, which is recycled in the reaction.


(5)        In the conclusion, briefly summarize how oxygen gas was generated and whether it was actually produced. How did you know if oxygen was actually in the tubes?