What Element Am I?

1.    I知 the only period 5-element that exists as a gas at room temperature.

2.    After losing two electrons, I end up with just as many as Ar.

3.    You値l find me sandwiched between a liquid and a metalloid.

4.    An alkaline earth metal, I have 1 proton for every key on a piano.

5.    I知 in the same column as other elements, but I知 not part of their

       group or family.

6.    I知 a common part of the atmosphere with 5 valence electrons.

7.    I was first found on the sun, and I don稚 burn.

8.    When neutral, I知 the most reactive element.

9.    I知 the smallest metallic atom in group IIIa.

10.    With between 13 and 36 protons, I react very violently with water, and I form a compound of the form MOH, where M = metal.

11.    Smaller than carbon痴 atom, I have the highest ionization energy within my period.

12.    Lower melting than potassium, my atoms are smaller than Cs痴.

13.    Of the elements with 7 valence electrons, I am the least active, chemically-speaking.

14.    Smaller than Ca, I am capable of forming a +1 ion.

15.    I am the most electronegative element in period 4.








  1. Xe
  2. Ca
  3. Se
  4. Ra
  5. H
  6. N
  7. He
  8. Fr
  9. Al
  10. K
  11. Ne
  12. Rb
  13. At
  14. Sc
  15. Br