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Puzzles Sorted By Topic

Properties of Matter 

(Grade 10)

April 2008: A Poetic Riddle

June 2007: Science's Most Important Hypothesis

July 2006: Getting the Earth's Birthday

August 2005: It's a Question of Taste

March 2004: How To Tell Fake Booze from the Real McCoy

February 2000: Blind But Chem-Smart

December 2000: A Ball of Gold

June1999: How to Tell Vodka From Water Without Taste, Sight and Smell?

November 2001: Fingertip Synthesis

Periodic Table Families

November 2010: A Periodic Riddle

November 2006: Deadly When Neutralized

May 2006: Seven Oxides In a Rock

November 2004: Another Reason Not to Play with Sodium

October 2000: More Protons Don't Always Make an Atom Bigger

September 2000: Limewater Without Limes

February 1999: An Ill-Advised Demonstration

August 1997: Alkali Metals

August 1996: Technetium

Chemical Structures, Equations, The Mole and Stoichiometry

March 2008: Not Out of Oxygen, Just Yet

February 2006: True Abundance of Elements in Our Bodies

May 2005: Body's Own Ozone

January 2004: The Chemistry of Titan

August 2003: Just What is in Your Tea?

June 2003: Water to Firewater Ratio

March 2003: Just How Small Are those Molecules?

February 2002: Balancing Acts

January 1998: Saving Yourself From H2S a la McGuyver

November 1996: Avogadro's Number

Solution Chemistry

August 2008: Another Reason to Backwash

February 2007: Avoiding Poison

September 2005: In Chemistry 1+1 Does Not Always Equal 2

January 2005: A Tornado of a Trick

April 2004: Russian Dolls

October 2003: Buyer Beware

November 2000: Solutions On Paper May Be Deceiving

September 2001: A Question of Concentration

July 1996: Solubility

Material  Relevant to Gr. 11

December 2010: The ZnO Show

March 2010: Another Reason Not to Smoke

November 2009: Disloyal Glass

October 2009: A Swirling Pattern

August 2009: Dual Role for an AX

May 2009: Questions on A Demo

January 2009: The Oppau Explosion

July 2008: Combining Rates

December 2007: The Versatility of Water

September 2007: A Question of Protection

August 2007: Impurities in Pool Chemicals

March 2007: No Poison In Your Salt

June 2006: The Chemistry of a Magnet

April 2005: Miller Time for a Formula

December 2004: Unexpected Gas From Fireworks

October 2004: Know Avogadro Not to Be Fooled

May 2004: A Falling Reaction

February 2004: Europium On the Moon

April 2003: Adventures With Tire Pressure

December 2002: Disappearing Zinc

April 2002: The Chemistry of BBQ'ing

December 2001: Surface Area and Rate

April 1999: To See the World In a Grain Of Snow

January 2001: Collecting Hydrogen

December 1996: Ice

Specific Heat(Gr. 10&11)

May 2007: Another Inverse Relationship

May 2003: Mass Without a Balance

May 2002: Calculating Specific Heat

July 2002: Body Heat

March 2001: Stick To Water

October 2001: Temperature Changes

October 1997:Burnt Toast

Miscellaneous Chemistry

April 2011: The Morphine Rule

December 2008: Peroxide's Turbulent Beginnings

October 2008: CH2 Splitting Difference

July 2007: Lutetium's Charge

October 2006: A Candle in the Microwave

June 2005: Gas Mixtures and Coin Flips

September 2003: Luck and Tenacity in Science

June 2001: Chocolate Delights

October 1999: Hydrogen's True Colours

September 1998: So Alike on Paper, Yet...

July 2001: A Versatile Molecule

February 1998: Hot Pipes Freeze Faster?

May 1998: Candle in Space

July 1997: Entropy of Rubber Bands

February 1997: Anthocyanins I

March 1997: Anthocyanins II

January 1997: Big Bang


July 2010: How Far to the Moon?

June 2008: 100 Years After an Infamous Blast

January 2008: Upside Down Perspective

April 2007: Around a New World

January 2007: The Colour Of Stars

April 2006: Stars For Life

July 2004: Receding Galaxies

January 2003: Moon and Venus in Motion

March 2002: What are We?

June 2002: Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar

October 2002: Relative Sizes

November 2002: A Cosmic Collision

January 2000: Galilean Oddball

March 2000: Humans Or Robots On Mars?

May 2000: Gravity for the Little Prince

August 2000: Getting A Planet's Width Without Getting There

January 1999: Colours in Space

May 1999: Olber's Paradox: Should the Night Sky Be Dark?

March 1998: Lunar Gymnastics?

October 1998: The Supernova That Gave Birth To Our Solar System

May 1997: Uranus

Atomic Physics

October 2007: Not So Doubly Magic

January 2006: On the Eve of a Revolution in Physics

February 2003: Water Enriched With a Neutron

August 2002: Nuclei Love Even Numbers

August 1999: Exotic Nuclei

December 1999: Atomic Spin

December 1997: The Strong Force

Electricity and Magnetism

September 2008: Using Brain Cells to Curb Use of Battery Cells

May 2004: A Switch to Parallel

February 2001: Why VI Creates a Watt

April 2000: Charged Knobs

June 2000: How a Motor Runs

July 2000: Ferromagnetic Mysteries

April 1997: Magnets


February 2009: Three Strikes Against Compact Fluorescents

August 2006: Ants' Acid in the Sky

May 2001: Not Just Toxic To Fungi

August 2001: Ignoring a Key Variable

September 1999: Hats Off to Minnesotans


February 2011: Those are Not Imperfections on Breasts

January 2011: Not All Baby Cries Are Alike

December 2009: Untwisting Evidence

September 2009: Fever and Autism

June 2009: An Almost X-Rated Question

November 2007: One Man's Pill is Another Cat's Poison

December 2006: Molecules of the Sick Past

September 2006: The Weight of Water

December 2005: Nothing Beats Chinese Medicine

November 2005: Chamomile: Medicinal or Not?

July 2005: Which Came First:Anesthethic or Antiseptic?

March 2005: The False Positive

July 2003: A Hint from An Itch

September 2002: A Look That Turned to Stone

March 1999: Vitamin Supplements Versus Natural Ones

June 1998: The Burglar with the Black Urine

July 1998: Transient Baby Blue

November 1998: Too Much of A Good Thing...

December 1998: Why We Sometimes Stink


October 2010: From Sunrise Difference to Intercity Distance

April 2009: Not a Path to China

March 2009: Three Drugs from Hoffman

November 2008: Sniffing Through Snow

February 2008: A Fermi Problem

December 2003: Effect of Density on Takeoff

April 2001: Why Grass is Greener On the Other Side

July1999: A Downhill Question

August 1998: Forecasting From Sunsets

November 1997:Colour of Clouds

June 1997: Lenticular Clouds

Natural History/Biology

August 2010: Bacterial Societies

June 2010: Dandelions Roar!

May 2008: Coal and Cement's Beginnings

October 2005: The Smell of the Sea and the Clouds Above

February 2005: Colour Provides a Clue

January 2002: Our Deadliest Foe

November 1999: Cooking with Potatoes and Liver

April 1998: Scent and Sex

September 1997: Classifying Garden Plants

Physics (mechanics)

September 2010: Wasps, Pigeons and SVTOL's

January 2010: Conservation of Energy and Projectile Motion

March 2006: Projectile Motion in the Plant World

September 2004: Buoyancy

August 2004: Momentum and Kinetic Energy

September 1996: Velocity

October 1996: Velocity

June 1996: Galileo