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Great dexterity and camera work by Antonino and Corey, respectively. Thanks to Olivia's Mom, who bought the dry ice for wild English theatre. Top left, and then clockwise:
(1) A witch's brew of hot water , dry ice and a pine cone.
(2)Cobalt ion forming a transient blue complex with base.
(3)Ignition of magnesium with strange violet-line-camera effect.
(4) Mg and CO2 reacting to form magnesium carbonate.

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MODULE 1 Detailed Notes

Observations Vs Interpretations

Classification of Matter

Properties and Changes


Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3:Putt-Putt Boat
Characteristic Properties

Characteristic Properties: Example from Crime Lab

Chemical Formulas

Models of the Atom

Models(pdf version)

Rutherford Animation

Relative Size of Atoms and the Universe


Extra Practice

Modern Model
Solns to Homework
Candle Question

Answers to p10-14
Answers to p16-17 Answers to p22-23 Answers to p28 Answers to p31
Pretest 1.1


More Practice

Pretest 1.2 Pretest 1.3

Trends Questions

Old Test
Pretest 2.1

More Pretest Questions
Pretest 2.2

Part 2 of pretest
(average mass)

Pretest 2.3

More Humour

Shell Diagrams Configurations(enrichment) Electron Configurations(enrichment)
--Uva Version--
Factsheet of Elements

Still More MODULE 1

Families of the Periodic Table

Typical Reactions

Fluorine's Story


Table with Pics of Elements

Extra: Semiconductors

Extra: The Metals' Story

Chemical Bonding


Naming Chemical Compounds

More Dot Structures

Harder Dot Structures
Periodic Trends (430)

Trend Charts

What Element am I?

Atomic Radius(enrichment)

Evolution of Elements
Polyatomic Ions

Balancing Equations

Balancing Game

Average Atomic Mass

The Mole (430)

Mole Quiz

Mole Humour

Mole Review

Solns to Homework
Answers to p41 Answers to p44

Answers to p 47 and p 51
Answers to p52

Answers to p55
Answers to p63

Answers to p70
Answers to p73

Answers to p76

Answers to p79
Answers to p83

Sand and Molecules p87
Answers to p85

Answers to p90

Solutions Intro


Concentration C1V1=C2V2 and the Camel

Acids,Bases,pH and Indicators

pH and Wine

Strongest Acids

Swimming Pool Chem

Environmental Chemistry (condensed notes)

Pollutants:The #'s

Environmental Chemistry (complete notes)

Evidence for Global Warming
For Teachers


Solns to Homework
Answers to p93 Answers to p96

p98 solns
Answers to p99

Extra CV Stencil

Answers to p100

Pretest 2.3 + Solns
Answers to p103 Answers to p107-08 Answers to p112

Answers to p120

Pretest 3.1 + Solns(2008)

MODULE 2 Detailed Notes
Intro to Static Electricity
Grounding and Coulomb's Law

Statics Pic

Conductance versus Resistance

Ohm's Law

Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits

Combination Circuits: 430 only

Solns to Homework
Answers to p3 Answers to p6

Pretest 3.2 2008 Version
Answers to p11

Answers to p15
Answers to p19

Answers to p24

Science Crossword:

Answers to p28
Answers to p32


Think Tank

2008 Pretest 3.3
2007 Pretest 3.3

Module 2 (continued)
Still More Series and Parallel


Extra Combination Circuits(with answers)

How To Build Circuits

Circuit Pics

Diodes and Transistors
Energy and Power

Answers p41
Your Hydro Bill

Answers p45
Specific Heat

Mixing Problems

p52 Answers

p53 Answers
Module 2(continued)
Calorimetry (430 only)

Answers p55
Electron Drive

Pretest 4.1


Test Formula Sheet

Answers p61
Answers p66

Aug 2003/June 2004 solns

Coins(on test!

Pretest 4.2(soln)

Mole Review

Lab Tip 1: Reasons to Wear Goggles

Properties of Gases, Liquids and Solids

A Characteristic Property
Oxidation of Cu

Reduction of CuO

Electrolysis of H2O

Problem Solving Lab1

Problem Solving Lab 2

Jan. Lab Exam Study Guide

Element Fact Sheet

Chinese Periodic Table

"Table of the Elephants"
Answers to Jan. Review #2

Surviving C1V1 = C2V2
and Diluting Solutions


Theodore Gray periodic table 
pH Lab


Pacman Model of Neutralization
Ohm's Law Lab

Resistor Codes
Series/Parallel Circuits

More Series/Parallel
Mystery Box Lab

Mystery Box Lab 2
Lego Circuit Lab

Ohm Zone Lab
Calorimetry Lab

Calories in a Peanut

Problem Solving Lab 3

LHA Exercise
Booklet Cover
Table of Contents
Matter and Properties
Modern Model

Periodic Table
Chemical Equations

Solution Chemistry
Acids and Bases

Environmental Chemistry
LHA Exercise Booklet 2 Cover Table of Contents
Circuits Power and Energy Magnetism

Bonus Type Questions Movie
Free software:Naming Ions Software II Software III Software IV

Monster Review..#5 Details Chem Films

January 2008 Exam Review(416 part with answers and corrections.)
January 2008 Exam Review(430 part)

Solutions to 430 January 2007

June Review

Jan 2007 Solutions(416 part)

Lab Exam Study Guide

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The product of the electron's radius and mass are inversely related to that of the neutron !
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