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Jupiter: Lord of the Planets

Read about the solar system's second most exciting planet (Earth, naturally, being the most interesting ). This planet is, in a sense, the center of its own world, and the Galileo mission has increased our knowledge of the mysterious moons that revolve around the Lord of the planets.

The Evolution of Elements

The Evolution of Elements (simpler version)


The Derivation of Kepler's Third Law


Relative Size of the Planets


Data on Planets


More Data on Planets


Cellular Respiration

How glucose, the universal fuel, is broken down so that its energy is invested in making the chemical facilitator, ATP.

DNA Bases

Adenine and guanine are purines. Thymine, cytosine and uracil are chemically related: they are pyrimidines.

The Genetic Code

A colour wheel reveals the genetic code for each amino acid in proteins.


Chemistry 534 (Quebec Grade 11 course)

Complete Notes and Homework Solutions (with accompanying booklet in pdf format)

The Beauty of Chemicals

Minerals: why they are sometimes more interesting than laboratory powders.


Derivation of Bohr's Radius and Rydberg's Constant

The position of hydrogen's spectral lines are predicted by a simple formula. How can the formula be derived from laws of physics?

Chemistry of Cooking

Should you peel potatoes before cooking them? When cooking, why do shrimps turn pink? Or meat brown?

Chemistry of Crown Ethers

Solubility became a whole new venture when these were discovered and developed in the 1960's and 70s.

Chemistry of Morphine

In spite of its shortcomings, morphine and its related compounds are still unsurpassable at dulling chronic  pain.

Chemistry of Light Bulbs

There's more to electric light than meets the eye.

Chemistry of Wine-Making

How temperature, pH, yeast and a host of compounds influence the molecular events that transform sweet grapes to sophisticated wines.

Coffee Chemistry

Caffeine and similar molecules seem to occupy the spot reserved for a sleep inducing molecule in the brain.

Forensic Chemistry

Some fingerprinting techniques, preliminary drug tests, ways of identifying poisons and more.

Game of Poisons

The solution to this game is an important phone number.

History, Chemistry in the Context of

Major advances in chemistry in the context of other discoveries and historical events.

History of Chemistry in the last 100 Years

In the early part of the 20th century, chemistry bloomed into adulthood.

If Hammerstein Were a Chemist

If Hammerstein were a chemist, this is what the lyrics to My Favorite Things would be.

Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry

Learn a heap of chemistry by reading about the work and science behind the glory of the prizes.

Poisonous Plants of Canada: Part 1    Part 2   Part 3    Part 4     Part 5

Some are deadly because of certain amines, alkaloids, polypeptides or phenolics: chemicals synthesised by plants to protect themselves from herbivores like us.

Poisonous Mushrooms

Find out why Amanita mushrooms are so deadly.

Pee, the Chemistry of

Urinating will never be the same experience after you read about how much chemical work goes into producing pee.

The Relative Size of Things Unimagined

If, in a scale model, you reduce the size of the universe to the size of the earth, how small does our planet become?

Physical Science 436 (Quebec Grade 10 course)

Complete Notes and Homework Solutions (with accompanying booklet in pdf format)

Play "Who's the Scientist?"

See if you can identify 11 of the greatest scientists of the past.


Swimming Pool Chemistry

The mysteries of pool chemistry are cleared, so you can enjoy the summer while staying on top of your chemistry.


Sixty: Something Special

The structure of C60: buckminsterfullerene


Test your Knowledge of the Elements.

A tough quiz on the elements of the periodic table with explanations.


Global Warming: Questions and Answers.

In 1996 the world released 2740 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. That's 2.74 X 1013kg or 1.446 X 1013 m3 ( at 10 C and standard pressure), enough to cover an area 1.5 times the size of Canada to a height of 1 metre!


Pollutants: Key Numbers

Using Environment Canada's statistics from 1995, we show where most of the SO2, NOX and CO2 come from

ImproveYour Quality of Life: Drive Less!

Cars not only contribute to smog, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion ( if they have AC's running on CFC's), but they also cause interesting landscape to be converted into lifeless parking lots.


Reducing Gasoline Consumption

See why lowering gas consumption makes economic, environmental and political sense.



Good News!


Math Puzzles


The Golden Ratio


The Greek Alphabet


Cellular Respiration

How glucose, the universal fuel, is broken down so that its energy is invested in making the chemical facilitator, ATP.


What Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables Are the Most Nutritious ?

Based on data from the USDA ( link provided), the best sources of protein, iron, calcium, potassium and Vitamins A and C are listed.


Rebuilding the Food Pyramid

The dietary guide introduced a decade ago has led people astray. Some fats are healthy for the heart, and many carbohydrates clearly are not .

By Walter C. Willett and Meir J. Stampfer

An Overview Of Fat in Your Diet

A discussion of saturated, trans and essential fats.

The Latest On Carotenoids

Just what are cryptoxanthin, leutin and lycopene? Click and find out .

All You Always Wanted to Know About Milk


Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Those harmless looking flowers are a great natural laboratory featuring some bacteria-killers.


Why Subatomic Particles Matter

An intro to quarks, and to the strong and weak force that binds and transforms them.

Semiconductors, Diodes and Transistors

The science behind the microchips that permeate our technology is not that complicated.

Physics Nobel Prize Winners

A summary of the century's Nobel Prize winners and their achievements.

Science Books


Rereading a few good books should take priority over buying new ones. A review of oldies but goodies.

Science Fiction

Crystal Ball of Science

LHA Science Page

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